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About Sam

Providing Coverage For Over 6 Years

Sam has been an agent for 6 years and is your local source of knowledge on insurance. He has 2 kids Ashton and Emma and is married. When he isn’t spending time with the family and working he loves to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and play golf. The story of why he got into insurance is to help people never go through what he went through with an accident and make sure you are protected properly.

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About US

The Palmer Insurance team is your local source for risk control services and insurance solutions. We take pride in offering five-star support to all our customers in Missouri, Kansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We strive to be unlike any other insurance agency in the area by making sure every risk is taken care of so you never have to worry about anything.




4240 Blue Ridge Blvd ste 720 Kansas City Mo 64133 Hours 10-5

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